Detail of flute keywork made by Peter Worrell


Becoming a friend of the Cambridge Woodwind Makers not only provides us with gratefully received support, but also provides you with exclusive benefits. Click here for application form to download and print.

For £65.00 per year you and your family will receive excellent offers and opportunities.

This membership entitles you to:

  • Priority booking on our courses
  • Discounts at Wood, Wind & Reed woodwind and brass specialist music shop
  • Free entry to our open days

Other benefits include networking opportunities with other players, links to specialist repairers around the country and access to Cambridge Woodwind Makers large resource of repair and instrument related archives. These include the archives of former head of Newark Technical college, Peter Hudson. The archive also includes many articles about mouthpiece and instrument design, along with playing technique related items. You will also receive helpful advice and information in our newsletter.

Membership is family based which means that if you would like another member of your immediate family to attend a course they may attend with the applicable discount. Please note that you only receive one free Repair & Maintenance course per family, unless another member takes out their own membership. You will need to notify us now of any other family members that may attend courses under your membership in the future.

To become a member today please download and post the following pdf - Friend Form. If you would like to make the initial payment by cheque it must be made payable to Cambridge Woodwind Makers for the full amount of £65 and sent, with the details form, to: Cambridge Woodwind Makers, C/O Wood, Wind & Reed, 106 Russell Street, Cambridge, CB22 1HU. If you pay by standing order you save £5.00 annually and it will be set up such that you pay £30.00 every six months.

For any further enquiries please email: 

Become a member: join the Cambridge Woodwind Makers Friends