Detail of flute keywork made by Peter Worrell


"The other day I visited Tim, my favorite oboe repairer at Wood, Wind & Reed in Russell Street, Cambridge.

Whilst chatting to both Tim and Daniel Bangham, Dan mentioned that he had an oboe for me to try, and always interested in new developments, I agreed to have a go.

What then appeared was a most extraordinary looking piece of art, never mind the fact that it was a working instrument!

The level of skill and ingenuity that had gone into the creation of this marvellously mauve-coloured, re-cycled oboe was astonishing.

Nuts and bolts, bits of old bicycle, all sorts had found their way into, and onto, this instrument.

But aside from the eye-catching design, would it play?

Well indeed, not only did it play, but also the tuning and positioning of the keys gave it the feel of a "proper" oboe.

It was like the first time that any student picks up an instrument and manages to elicit from it a sound.

At the most basic level, there is nothing quite so thrilling as getting a response from an inanimate object, especially one as difficult to master as the oboe.

Daniel has come up with an amazing concept to challenge our perceived notions regarding instrument manufacture, and I'd like to thank him for letting me try his "scrapheap" oboe!"

Leila Ward

Scrapheap Oboe

Oboist Leila Ward comments on the Scrapheap oboe.