Detail of flute keywork made by Peter Worrell


The BBC program Scrapheap Orchestra, screened in 2011, put on a good family show, but did not include a very much about the making of the instruments. Being an instrument maker myself (Daniel Bangham) this is an aspect I would like to expand on for the benefit of ourselves and you!
It is only by having a huge indepth knowlege of the way that an instrument is designed, made and adjusted that it was possible to create these credible instruments. All the makers involved in this project possess this knowlege, these are the very skills we need to preserve.
Dispite knowing what we wanted to achive, the project hundreds of hours of work for each instrument maker. Not only did it require many hours but also a huge amount of ingenuity! So, to make up the lack of real information about the makers and what they made, please take the time to find out more about the people involved.
Another way to find out more is to join one of our instrument making courses: Instrument Making Courses

In alphabetical order:
Daniel Bangham: Oboes and Bassoons
Andrew Bellis: Bows
Rob Cain: Violins
Benjamin Hebbert: Low strings
Pete Oxley: Bows
Paul Jeffries: Percussion
Mick Rath: Trombones
Andrew Taylor: Trumpets and Tuba
Andrew Wheeldon: Flute and Clarinet
Luke and Heidi Woodhead: French Horns

The makers of scrapheap instruments

Hundreds of hours work was involved for each maker and it required a huge amount of ingenuity!