Detail of flute keywork made by Peter Worrell


In the BBC program ‘Scrapheap Orchestra’ Daniel Bangham was responsible for the design and making of the oboes and bassoons. This page highlights this process and will eventually detail the materials used and close-up images of the instruments.
Daniel explains that one of the many challenges was attaining a long-tapered bore of the appropriate shape for each of the instruments. “I ended up using carbon-fibre golf club handles and carbon-fibre fishing rods.” Bicycle parts, computer printer, computer hard-drives and cutlery feature in the key-work and buttons, children’s toys, saw-blades, coins and pens feature in other mechanisms.

Click on the link bottom right to see snippets of the program relating to Daniel Bangham and his oboes and bassoons. You will also see a great snippet of the flute solos on an instrument made by Andy Wheeldon of Newark Technical College.