Detail of flute keywork made by Peter Worrell


Claritie - Daniel's clever clarinet support.

Clarinet for one-handed musicians - Pete Worrells amazing new instrument for one handed players.

Scrapheap Orchestra - This BBC programme screened in 2011 demonstrated the extraordinary versatility of instrument makers and featured Cambridge Woodwind Makers very own founder, Daniel Bangham. Find out more here.

Andrew Crawford - Andrew runs courses making fine and decorative boxes in Shropshire, including flute cases...! See his website for further information about buying boxes or making your own.

International Trumpet-Making Workshop- Find out more about our Trumpet Making Tutors.

Trevor Head Musical Instrument Repair Courses - Explore other repair courses in the UK.

The Violin Workshop - With similar intentions, the Violin Workshop in Cambridge is also dedicated to preserving the art of instrument making. They run courses making stringed instruments.

Hope Street Marimba - Also based in Cambridge Hope Street Marimba make, you guessed it, marimba's and other tuned percussion.

Cambridge Early Music - Dedicated to Baroque, Renaissance and Medieval music the Cambridge Early Music organisation run annual programs of concerts, courses and summer schools.  

Society of Recorder Players promotes the study, practice and appreciation of the recorder and has a website for everyone interested in playing, studying or listening to recorder music.  

The Musical Brain- The Musical Brain is a charity dedicated to sharing knowledge about music and science. See their website for further details.

The Power of Making - this V&A exhibition reminded us all how inspirational the physical creation of objects can be. Follow this link to see their videos.

Wood Wind & Reed - The woodwind and brass specialsts, for all your musical needs including instruments, accessories, reeds and repairs.

Reeds Direct - supplier of clarinet and saxophone reeds by freepost, worldwide delivery.

Cambridge Online - More about Cambridge.

Information about instruments including the Eb clarinet. CWM are hoping to crowd fund a new instrument project soon.

Related Links and Information

There are many projects that we at the Cambridge Woodwind Makers admire, this is where we will share them with you.