Detail of flute keywork made by Peter Worrell



Daniel Bangham | Managing Director of the highly regarded specialist music shop Wood, Wind & Reed and Reeds Direct Cambridgehas been making woodwind instruments since he was 21. Having been sidetracked by the burgeoning business of WW&R and RD, through instigating this new charity (Cambridge Woodwind Makers) and developing the workshop at Stapleford Granary, he has now returned to the making, sharing his skills far and wide.

Vincent Laval | Vincent is working as a technician for CWM on his days off and holidays from studying instrument making and repair at Newark on Trent college. Since working at CWM he has worked for the prestigious Howarth oboe workshops in Worthing.

Tim Cranmore | Started out training to be a biochemist but somewhere along the line jumped into recorder making! Luckily for us! He now has an international reputation for making custom recorders from his workshop in Malvern. He has been runing robust and exciting courses with Cambridge Woodwind Makers, from its opening in Feburary 2012.

Robert Barclay, Richard Seraphinoff & Michael Münkwitz | Famous in the less-famous world of ‘Long trumpet’ making, this lively team have come on board to teach ‘Long trumpet’ making with us. We can only run one course per year with these gentlemen, so book early to avoid disapointment.  

Peter Worrell | Through working with both Howarths and Duncan Crawford, Peter has refined the art of woodwind instrument design with focus on mechanisms of oboes, clarinets and flutes. A highly accomplished key maker and craftsman, he now focuses on making entire flutes. Peter also gets involved behind the scenes at Cambridge Woodwind makers and is a valuable part of the organisation.

Derek Cornell | Consumate craftsman and oboe key maker. Derek has been part of the team that brough order to the workshop during its inception.

Paul Windridge | Repairer and instrument maker based in Leicestershire. Having worked at Rudall Carte and co in the 1980's Paul had gone on to be an instrument maker and inventor in his own right. Paul was one of the first craftsmen to see the need and potential of Cambridge Woodwind makers and provides a huge amount of help and encouragement. Paul also teaches on the woodwind repair courses held regularly at the Champion workshop. 

Dr. Robert Bigio | Focussed on flutes, Robert is a flute maker, historian and author based in the UK. He was editor of the journal of the British Flute Society and author of Readings in the History of the Flute and Rudall, Rose & Carte: The Art of the Flute in Britain. Robert now also runs courses with Cambridge Woodwind Makers.

Jacqueline Sorel | Accomplished recorder maker from Holland, with an international reputation. Jacquline is developing courses at Cambridge Woodwind Makers that covers specific voicing and techincal details, but also makes one think about how to choose a recorder and what gives a recorder its characteristic. 

Paul van der Linden | Based in Holland, Paul is a maker and player in great demand on the european early music scene. The first course that Paul ran the CWM was an oboe develpement workshop, that was highly succesful. Baroque oboe courses are planned for the future.   

Adam Shapiro | A seasoned performer on modern as well as baroque oboe. He has performed with the Houston Symphony, Seattle Symphony, New Jersey Symphony and the New World Symphony orchestras,  as well as with the American Bach Soloists. Adam is also a member of the Seattle 5th Avenue and Village Theater pit orchestras. Adam earned his DMA in Performance Practice from Rutgers University. As a teacher, Adam is a lecturer at the University of Washington, and maintains an active studio. He makes all his own reeds and teaches the art of reed making.

Governance | As a charity Cambridge Woodwind Makers is governed by trustees. To see the list of trustees click the link.


Cambridge Woodwind Makers are bringing you experts from around the world who are specialist instrument makers.

Cambridge Woodwind Makers are dedicated to preserving the skills of artisans such as these.