Detail of flute keywork made by Peter Worrell


Building a workshop


Workshop highlights.


Today we received the latest workbench. This one is lower than the previous two but shares the same construction and design.

The criteria I used when designing the benches are as follows

a) must be well braced and not rack on at least one plan

b) must have lots of mass to stop vibrations
c) no awkward nooks and crannies for dust and dirt to accumulate to make it easy to sweep around
d) Avoid braces or supports for knees to knock into
e) Make it easy to sweep underneath
f) Have solid sacrificial worktop that is cheap and easy to replace
g) Smooth surface on top 
h) Good solid edge to work top to screw and bolt vices and block onto


As you can see from the pictures. All these functions have been achieved using 4 inch ash frame and pine and plywood top.


The manufacture, Brooks Joinery of Leiston Suffolk also added a tenon and wedge jointing detail that made transport and construction a dream.

Details of the new work bench design