Detail of flute keywork made by Peter Worrell


Offering an opportunity to learn how your instrument works and how to clean, care and fix problems. With expert guidance you will observe and practice repair skills and learn how check if your instrument is performing at its best.

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In The Champion Workshop you will have access to the guidance, tools and materials you will require. We have a range of  instrument for you to practice on. You are also invited to bring your own, a students, or an instrument from school to work on.

These courses are aimed at professional players, music teachers, college students as well interested players and  craftspeople. As a player, knowing that your instrument is functioning at its best will give you greater confidence and improve your playing experience.

The aim is to equip you with the skills needed to identify problems, undertake successful emergency repairs and maintain your woodwind instrument in good playing condition.

If you are a music teacher or orchestral player, you might know a number of people who would be interested in one of our Repair & Care Courses. If you have a group of six or more people we can arrange discounted rates using your dates preferences.

Please note that these are maintenance and emergency repair courses which cannot cover the extensive knowledge and practice required to repad an instrument.

We also now offer 1-to-1 sessions with Daniel Bangham as well as Repair & Care Refresher courses.

If you would like to arrange this please contact us on 01223 713101 or

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Repair & Care days

Get to know your instrument better & learn how to repair it.