Detail of flute keywork made by Peter Worrell


Course overview | Make your own professional, thinned, wooden flute headjoint with expert flute maker, Robert Bigio.

From turning the joint to shaping the lip-plate to making a stopper and crown, make it yourself and change the sound of your flute playing.

Course director | Dr Robert Bigio: Internationally respected flute maker and author of the award winning book Rudall Rose & Carte: The Art of the Flute in Britain.

Materials | African Blackwood and silver. Other woods may be available on request.

Abilities | Suitable for adults and students over 16 years old: musicians, artisans and craftspeople. Some woodturning experience is desirable but not essential. Please if you have had no practical woodworking experience at all before. It helps him plan the sessions.

Please note; if you have had prior woodturning experience you are more likely to complete your instrument satisfactorily within the course. If you do not finish we can arrange a continuation course for you.

Course length | 2 days

Dates | These courses are operated by Dr Bigio directly. For detailed information please go to his website.

Location | At Roberts Workshop in London

Flute Headjoint Making

Make a thinned wooden flute headjoint with Robert Bigio.