Detail of flute keywork made by Peter Worrell


Course overview | Barrels come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but which one will be best for you? With so many to choose from, you can't possibly try them all, but we can help you experiment and discover what makes a difference for you.

Experienced players and technicians will be on hand to help Daniel Bangham and Thomas Dryer-Beers guide you through the differences and variations. Basing our trials around barrels designed by the legendary American technician, Hans Moenig, we will show how the length, diameter, bore taper and socket shape change the tuning, twelfths and sound of your instrument.

As well as experimenting with a variety of ready made barrels, you will have the opportunity to design your own barrel, even make it yourself under supervision if you want. The fully equipped workshop will also be used to modify barrels during the day to enhance the learning experience.

Course director | Daniel Bangham: Founder and director of Cambridge Woodwind Makers and classical clarinet maker.

Additional experts | Thomas Dryer Beers: player and mouthpiece clinician at Wood Wind & Reed, Cambridge.

Peter Worrell, Instrument maker and keywork specialist.

Abilities | Suitable for adults and students over 16 years old: musicians, artisans and craftspeople. Some woodturning experience is desirable but not essential.

Course length | One day.

Dates | See calendar to the right or below.

Time | 10am to 4pm (though it might run over a bit!)

Cost | £100

Location | The Champion Workshop, 6 Lintech Court, Linton, CB21 4XN. Details of transport and location can be found in the Visitors Centre section.

Booking | To book use the links below.

Further information | For enquiries email Daniel Bangham @

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Clarinet Barrel 'Experiment' Day

Clarinet barrels can vary and changing your barrel can change your playing.